Choosing Bar Stools for Your Kitchen Island

As beautiful as your kitchen island is, it isn’t complete without a sturdy set of bar stools.

As beautiful as your kitchen island is, it isn’t complete without a sturdy set of bar stools. Even so, how do you pick the ones that are the best fit for your home’s kitchen? We’re so glad you asked. It’s time to find out the answer to this question. Read on so you can solve your seating dilemma before the next gathering you have.

Find the Height

If your bar stools are too high, they will be uncomfortable to sit in. This is especially true for your guests who may not be as tall as you are. Likewise, if your bar stools are too short, then it becomes inconvenient. You and your guests want to easily reach across the island to pick up a coffee mug or get more bacon. It’s important to be comfortable during that leisurely brunch you spent weeks meticulously planning. That said, you’ll want there to be some space. If there are 30 inches between the floor and your counter, then you should make sure that your stools are 18-20 inches, or somewhere thereabouts.

Choose the Look

Don’t forget that you’ll also have to choose how the bar stools look. You can have them match the rest of the furniture in your kitchen, such as the hutch, or you could go with bolder colors that pop instead. Bar stools can be round and cushioned but without a back. They can be tall and have a backrest that has elaborate designs in it. Stools or chairs with backrests reduces the chance of people losing their balance and falling.

Decide How Many

Whether your next gathering involves inviting friends over or just making sure you have enough seats for your kids, you will need to decide how many kitchen bar stools you will need. How many seats you need depends on the shape of your island. For instance, four, five, or six might be best for a rectangular island. If it is just you and your spouse in the house, you might think you only need two stools, but you should have extra seating in case friends or relatives drop by unexpectedly for breakfast.

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