Have You Ever Wanted a Breakfast Nook in Your Kitchen?

If you’ve ever wanted a breakfast nook in your kitchen, then let’s learn more about it first.

With sunnier days ahead, there’s nothing better than eating a leisurely breakfast in the morning. Most days we have to rush out the door to get to work on time, but as great as sleeping in is, sometimes having breakfast will help you survive the long day ahead. If you’ve ever wanted a breakfast nook in your kitchen, then let’s learn more about it first.I

What Is It?

A breakfast nook in your kitchen is still a part of your kitchen. However, it is somewhat isolated. You might wonder what differentiates a breakfast nook from a kitchen island. You can always choose to use the island as your breakfast nook. But you find that the table and seating can be much more versatile than an ordinary island can be.

Where Does It Go?

If you have an unused corner in your kitchen that you can’t figure out what to do with, then that might be a prime location for your breakfast nook. When you remodel your kitchen, one consideration to make is whether you want replacement windows. Thus, another option you could take is to set the nook under the windows and open them up so you can sit there with a cup of coffee and read a cookbook. Get some great ideas or figure out how to make that sour cream coffee cake you’ve meant to get around to for the past several weeks! Either way, make sure you get some high-quality kitchen lighting and put it near or above your new hideaway.

How to Set It Up

You’ll have some more decisions to make here. First, you need to determine the size of your breakfast nook. Choose between tables, chairs, and even benches for the main components. Then you’ll have to choose a shape – do you want an L, a U, or a curved design? That’s all up to you. Having some kitchen cabinets nearby for extra storage wouldn’t hurt either.


Adding extra storage will give you more places to put away pens, pencils, laptop chargers, batteries, or anything else you may want to keep close at hand if your new book doubles as a workspace. Even if it doesn’t, you can also keep your favorite mugs, bowls, and extra silverware on it, along with a toaster and a coffee maker, if you can get electrical outlets close enough.

More Kitchen Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel!

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