Use Your Kitchen Hutch to Add Some Pizzazz

Find some unique ways to decorate your kitchen hutch. An empty wine bottle could be re-purposed to hold some flowers.

The next time you go to remodel or renovate your kitchen, take a moment to think about your kitchen hutch. Chances are, you don’t often spare it much thought. Although you might not be able to envision it right now, you can use your kitchen hutch to jazz up your kitchen. Let’s find out how.

Get Rid of Clutter

You might be tempted to use your kitchen hutch to collect all sorts of things: the mail, spare keys, plates and cups, and antique tea sets. But the first step to reclaiming your kitchen hutch is to get rid of all the clutter. Evaluate what belongs in there and what doesn’t – and then move what shouldn’t be there. It’s easy to put everything onto a different table or countertop, maybe even on your actual kitchen table. However, when you do this, you are only delaying the inevitable mess that you will have to deal with later on. Don’t do this to yourself.

Add Decorations

Find some unique ways to decorate your kitchen hutch. An empty wine bottle could be repurposed to hold some flowers. Decide to switch out the clock near your kitchen with a brand new one, even if it isn’t in the kitchen proper. You can even choose some extra touches, such as artwork done by your kids, or some paintings and sculptures that are your favorites. The countertop on your kitchen hutch will complement all the countertop workspaces in your kitchen, so be sure to consider that when you are deciding on which decorations and themes you want to use.

Spruce Up Countertops

During the summer, you’re going to want to host more parties and other events. Spruce up your countertops for your next shindig. Decide what decorations you want to put on your kitchen hutch. This space could be where your collection of candles go, for you to light after dinner is over. You might also be preparing to move over the summer, so you’re trying to sell your home. A cleaned-off kitchen hutch is a charming touch that speaks to the versatility and storage space of your kitchen. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to get more ambitious with some tasteful wallpaper and expertly arranged furniture.  

More Kitchen Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel!

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