remodeling laundry room ideas

Don’t let your laundry room overflow! Bring order out of the chaos with these laundry room ideas!

When you redo your laundry room there are a number of things to consider. From energy efficiency to user friendliness to the overall look, there are numerous upgrades that can be completed and choices to be made. Read on for our favorite laundry room ideas, tips, tricks, and guidelines to help your laundry room remodel get off on the right foot. 

Location, Location, Location

While many homeowners are content to have their laundry room in the basement, others who can spare the space would rather have it closer to the bedrooms or kitchen. There are pros and cons to moving your laundry room around. One of the main pros is convenience. Particularly if you have a large house, hauling hampers of clothes from the bedrooms to the basement can be unpleasant. However, the noise and vibration the machines cause require extra insulation. Leaks can also damage first floor rooms. The rooms also must be properly vented to let out dryer heat.

Make The Most Of A Small Space

A laundry room does not necessarily have to take up a lot of space to be highly efficient. You can stack appliances, such as your washer and dryer to save space. Machines should always be put in front of utility hookups in any layout. Supplies can also be easily stored in cabinets or cubbies or even open shelving next to the machines. Make sure you have room for laundry baskets and have some sort of counter available for sorting or treating clothes. This can even be a shelf sticking out of the wall.

Is A Gas Or Electric Dryer Better For You?

The connections in a laundry room will most likely decide your choice, however, this can be changed during a remodel. While a gas costs more to install, it will save you 15-20 cents per load in the long run. As the average family does 300 loads of laundry a year, this can save you $45-$60 on your energy bills.

All the Laundry Room Ideas and Remodeling Tips Your Need from Kitchen & Bath Depot!

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