Whole Home Organization Solutions for Getting the Most Out of Small Living Spaces

Make the most of your space! Here are some of our favorite home organization solutions!

Are you feeling a bit squeezed in your current home or living spaces? There’s no need to wait for spring cleaning to come around. Just because it’s easy to get cooped up during the winter doesn’t mean it has to feel claustrophobic. Here are some of our favorite whole home organization solutions for getting the most out of your small home.

Consider Decluttering

One way to make your home feel larger than it did before is to get rid of all your clutter. When you live in a small townhouse or a one bedroom apartment, it can quickly feel like you’re boxed in due to too many items strewn everywhere  – books, shoes, papers, and so on. You can try cubes or cubbies in any room that you may need to be decluttered as a solution to excess items laying around. Alternatively, consider putting these storage methods by doorways or, in a larger home, consider a mudroom addition for extra storage space!

Use Pullout Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are a mess, then there’s an easy way to overcome that. Don’t lose your pots, pans, or containers anymore! When you have pullout cabinets, you won’t have to dive in and hunt down what you need with a flashlight. If you’re not sure what measurements you need, you can try standard designs or custom designs. And since they’re so versatile, you can use them elsewhere around the house too, such as in the bathroom or in the laundry room.

Add Understair Storage

Need even more storage space? Add a bookshelf or small closet to the space under your staircase! This addition does not add an extra room or space to your home and provides you with a great closet to store linens, books, or even your wine bottles! 

Try Underbed Storage

This tip might be one of the more unusual ones you’ve ever heard. But all the same, that shouldn’t discourage you from trying it. Hiding things under the bed is not exactly a new idea, especially when your kids are attempting to make their room look a little neater. This solution makes shoving things under your bed a little more acceptable while also leaving the room open for other products such as desks or bookshelves. 

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