Although home renovation and remodeling projects can be stressful, they can also be fun. When you’re able to incorporate your vision into that space, the entire process becomes far more enjoyable. One element of a new kitchen that people often play around with is a new pantry. Here are a few kitchen pantry ideas to consider when completing your full kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas:


kitchen pantry ideas for modern kitchen theme

One element of a new kitchen that people often play around with is a new pantry.

One of the many advantages of adding a new pantry to your kitchen is the ability to fully design and customize its look and feel. First, consider the purpose of your new pantry. Do you need it for extra storage or would you like to integrate it into the overall flow of your kitchen? Answering questions like this before you start your project will help in the long run to avoid ending up with a pantry that isn’t truly conducive to the way that you use your kitchen. Remember to include a light fixture so that you’re always able to easily see inside it and find what you’re looking for without undue effort.   


There’s nothing worse than having a pantry and not being able to completely utilize it because it’s hard to reach. Even small pantries need to be accessible. Don’t just think about it as a storage space but as a place that you’ll often revisit so you can grab your kitchen essentials. Consider its ease of use as you not only retrieve your canned goods but put those items away after shopping at the grocery store. Avoid creating a cave with your new pantry. Instead, try organizing it in a more logical way for you and your family. Although it might be nice having the extra storage space on a high shelf, if you can’t reach it then that system will eventually become a huge annoyance.  

Custom Cabinetry

Perhaps the next biggest advantage on the list of benefits for adding a pantry to your new kitchen is the ability to fully utilize customized cabinetry. Whether you’re converting an existing closet or other space to become your pantry, including customized cabinetry will help you achieve the most effective design. This renovation process may include rotating shelves, pull-out levels, or other customized hooks or containers.  

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