Tips for Kitchen Remodeling Through Feng Shui

Incorporating feng shui into your new kitchen design through kitchen remodeling can be an unconventional approach.

Incorporating feng shui into your new kitchen design through kitchen remodeling can be an unconventional approach. Feng shui is based off the philosophy that all objects contain a certain energy within them, and that your living space reflects your life. The right feng shui can bring luck, peace, and good fortune into any home. With your kitchen being such an integral part of your home, it’s important that your kitchen design brings good feng shui into your living area. There are many ways to improve the feng shui of your home just by remodeling the kitchen. We’ve created a few guidelines to follow when keeping feng shui in mind for remodeling your kitchen, as well as designing a floor plan to make the most of these benefits.

How Feng Shui Can Benefit Your Kitchen Design

  • More Air and Light: Airiness is an important component of feng shui. An airier room provides a feeling of space throughout the room, and this feeling can help relax you. Having multiple points and levels of lighting is another major way of improving feng shui. Kitchen remodeling can add lights or reassign them to different areas of your kitchen. Freshly cleaning your kitchen also helps. Avoid darkened kitchens whenever you can. Besides, a kitchen that welcomes people to come in makes for a happier kitchen atmosphere.
  • Less Clutter: Having less clutter can open your kitchen design. When remodeling, consider eliminating any unnecessary sources of clutter. Simplicity is best – only keep the utensils and helpful kitchen tools you plan on using most frequently.
  • Flower Power: Don’t underestimate the power of flowers in your kitchen. Flowers bring an invigorating feeling to your kitchen, so find a good spot for them. A fruit bowl, a pot of freshly planted flowers, or a new houseplant can help rejuvenate the air in your kitchen. Put them on a table, or by the window, or anywhere else you can fit them in.
  • Energizing Colors: The colors in your kitchen matter. For example, go with the color yellow. In terms of feng shui design, yellow is a good choice as it will improve your digestion. Different shades and tones of yellow can be used, depending on your preference – would you rather the smoothness of creamy butter, or the strength exuded by yellow squash?

Designing a Floor Plan

Think about the floor plan for your kitchen. How is the space divided and arranged? Next, think about where your kitchen is located in your home. Along with the bedroom and your bathroom, the kitchen is one of the key parts of the home for cultivating good feng shui. These three rooms, known as the “feng shui trinity,” greatly help your home feel more comfortable. Beyond improving the comfort of your home, achieving the feng shui trinity can make you feel healthier too. To that end, avoid placing the kitchen close the front door or by the stairs. Energies moving in opposite directions will negatively impact your overall feng shui.

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