The Advantages of Tile Backsplashes in Your New Kitchen

When designing your new kitchen, you may have overlooked the value of tile backsplashes.

When designing your new kitchen, you may have overlooked the value of a tile backsplash. These backsplashes are stylish and functional and are great upgrades for your kitchen. Here are some advantages to consider when you’re thinking about updating your home and more importantly, your dream kitchen.

Much Easier to Clean

How often do you clean the section of wall that’s behind your stove? What about the part of the wall over the sink? Tile backsplashes will make both of these essential components of your kitchen easier to clean up. You will still need to do a scrub-down of all your kitchen’s surface, but with a tile backsplash in place, your wallpaper won’t be as worn out. Not only is your new tile backsplash easier to clean, it’s also much more forgiving. Now then, imagine you’ve splashed water everywhere or spilled cooking oil while preparing dinner. What happens next?

Protects Against Splash Damage

Luckily, you won’t need to panic. Tile backsplashes provide excellent protection against potential splash damage. Liquid seepage can eventually get inside your walls, damaging both the paint and the integrity of the wall itself. Prevent this kitchen disaster from happening by installing high-quality tile backsplashes.

Tile Backsplashes Increase Value

Any home improvement will make your home more valuable. But adding tile backsplashes to your kitchen increases its value in other ways, too. Are you looking to sell your home? First, boost the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, especially if it’s in need of a new look. You can also tie the entire room together with tile backsplashes, convincing future home buyers that your home is the one they should purchase, because here right in front of them is a design they just can’t afford to walk away from and ignore. If you strive to keep your home as up-to-date and modern as you can, you can justify that higher asking price.

Limitless Style

When you want both style and substance, go for some brand new backsplashes. With all of the possible colors and combinations available, you can be sure you can find a look that is unique to your vision. Try complementing the existing appliances and countertops in your kitchen or attempt something daring and new – it’s all up to you!

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