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The proper kitchen design ideas will brighten the room and make the entire home feel more cheerful.

An outdated kitchen can suck the joy out of the rest of your home, especially if you don’t feel like spending time in it or hosting family and friends in the space. With the right kitchen design ideas and remodel, you can brighten up the room and make the whole home more cheerful! Here are some of our best tips for making your kitchen more cheerful (and don’t worry, all of the tips aren’t simply remodeling!).

Clean Up and Organize

A clean and organized kitchen will look better and brighter than one that isn’t, regardless of its age. Over time, your kitchen accumulates tons of clutter from recipes, cookbooks, broken utensils you forgot to throw away, and other miscellanies that need sorting. Take the time to declutter your kitchen over the weekend and give away things that you aren’t using anymore. Only store one or two of your most-used appliances on the counter and clear out every cabinet to put things away where they belong. Oversized items that rarely get used, like waffle irons or panini presses, should be stored out of sight.

Rethink Your Kitchen Lighting

A room’s lighting has a phenomenal impact on how bright and cheerful the space looks. It’s especially important to have good task lighting in a kitchen, where you are using knives and other dangerous tools to get the job done. The lighting in your kitchen should allow you to see what you are doing without squinting. Do you also love entertaining in your kitchen? Install overhead lighting that can be dimmed or brightened to suit the mood. A kitchen remodel is the perfect time to rethink your kitchen lighting and lighten the mood.

Bring Some Color In

The walls of your kitchen are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Cabinets that are dark can naturally dampen the mood, but painted cabinets can easily add some cheer to the space. A dark color of flooring can also make the space seem darker. Painting the walls is perhaps the easiest way to make a kitchen more cheerful, and it can be done over the course of a single afternoon.

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