Adding a Pass-Through to Your Kitchen

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, have you ever thought about adding a pass-through?

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, have you ever thought about adding a pass-through? Pass-throughs can connect your kitchen to your dining room or the whatever the next room over. Even if you have a small kitchenette in your basement, you can also have a pass-through built in there too. Here is how to complete this design upgrade.

Look at Your Kitchen Walls

The first step of installing a kitchen pass-through is to take a look at your existing walls. You can, believe it or not, attempt to put it in yourself. But do that you’ll need expertise with tools such as a reciprocating saw, how to work with drywall, and making sure that the base and walls around the pass-through won’t cause it to collapse. So, make sure where you want to install your new pass-through doesn’t overlap with a load-bearing wall. Consult with expert contractors and remodelers, such as the professionals at Kitchen & Bath Depot, for advice on how to proceed before beginning any work.  

Consider Different Possibilities

Depending on the size of your home and kitchen, the results of a kitchen remodel could turn out differently. A townhouse or apartment will have much smaller spaces than in a single family home. You can create a counter to enjoy breakfast around and modify the design with cabinets that can allow for more storage space. Even so, you don’t only need to rely on indoor designs; sometimes you can alter a window leading outside.

Connect Your Patio

Your patio is another part of your home that shouldn’t be left out of the fun. Luckily, you can install a pass-through that connects your patio to your kitchen. With warmer weather on the way, this window will be seeing a lot of use, and the best part of it is, you probably already have a window in place. Sometimes you might need a replacement window to facilitate moving things in and out, but you’ll want to be sure you can open and close this window used as a pass-through. After all, when you’re not actively using it, you won’t want a cold breeze or bad weather to get inside your home.

More Kitchen Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel!

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