beautiful kitchen pass-through

Open up your space with a kitchen pass-through!

Have you ever wanted to open up your kitchen space but not exactly sure how? Well, wonder no more! With Kitchen & Bath Depot, you can design and create your very own kitchen pass-through to help open up your space! Read on to learn more about adding this feature to your home! 


The Benefits of Creating a Pass-Through

If you frequently entertain guests, having a pass-through makes distributing food and drinks much easier. Not only does a kitchen pass-through make your kitchen more functional, it will also help open up your space! Do you want to feel like you’re in the next room, even if the kitchen is still divided from the living room? A pass-through can assuage that feeling.The result is a lighter and airier space perfect for any open floor plan. What’s more, if you choose the right wall for one, it can be much less expensive to install it.

The Drawbacks of Creating a Pass-Through

Like any other home improvement project you can dream of, there are drawbacks to consider. Understandably, a kitchen pass-through will create certain design changes to a wall’s integrity. Both the kitchen and the room the pass-through will connect to will require renovations for the pass-through installation.

Renovation Safety Tip

Depending on where it will go, you will want to double check that pipes and electric lines do not meet in that spot. Once you cut into the existing drywall, you don’t want to have to stop because you find a water pipe that you will have to patch over. Ensure that the wall you choose to modify is not a so-called “load-bearing wall”, either. Wall studs and support joists are also factors to consider.

Open Up Your Space With a Kitchen Pass-Through from Kitchen and Bath Depot!

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