4 Kitchen Decoration Ideas For Your New Remodel

Now that you’ve finished remodeling your kitchen, it’s time to incorporate these 4 kitchen decoration ideas that will change it from just a beautiful and updated space to one that’s all your own.

Now that you’ve finished remodeling your kitchen, it’s time to make some decorative decisions that will change it from just a beautiful and updated space to one that’s all your own. Be imaginative and don’t be afraid to bring elements of your style into the kitchen. Follow these four kitchen decoration ideas to bring more life, character, and style into your kitchen.  

Decorative Knobs and Handles

Your new cabinets probably came with fixtures that perfectly match the color and style. However, have you considered changing out the knobs and handles for ones that are more reflective of your personality? The cabinets a great place to add a unique touch to the room by switching those features out for ones that follow a specific theme or are all a different color. Think about unusual shapes, colors, or an overall theme for the kitchen that you can bring into the room through these fixtures. Visit your local hardware store to gather some inspiration about which direction to go.

Make a Statement with Color

The paint color was probably a big aspect of the design of your remodel, but plenty of other areas in the kitchen will allow you to incorporate more color into the room. Think about stools that you may have around your island, additional chairs, curtains, or even a rug; and other tabletop accessories like flatware, your tablecloth, and even napkins.

Include Plants and Flowers

The kitchen can be full of life and energy, and you can reflect that experience by bringing live plants and flowers to fill up extra space. Not only do they bring more color into the kitchen, but they also add softness and texture to the room. They help balance out the hard details and sharp corners that countertops, sinks, and islands sometimes have. Plants and flowers are also charming pieces that also act as great conversation starters.

Hang Wall Art

Enhance the new beautiful color or wallpaper on your walls with some hanging art. Some decorations could even include family photos to bring more color, personal style, and dimension into the kitchen. If you choose a theme, you can use your wall art to continue that story.  

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