3 New Kitchen Ideas and Tips for Making Your Kitchen More Colorful

If you think your current kitchen is too drab as is, revitalize it with some of these new kitchen ideas and tips!

Have you finished decorating your house for the holidays yet? Just because you have transformed the rest of your home into a cheerful, glowing winter wonderland doesn’t mean the kitchen has to be left out as well. If you think your current kitchen is too drab as is, revitalize it! Here are some of our favorite new kitchen ideas and tips for making your home more colorful in time for your next holiday party or festive gathering.

Don’t Only Focus on the Cabinets

As essential to your kitchen as the cabinets are, they shouldn’t be your only focus. While repainting your kitchen cabinets, and for that matter, the walls, can rejuvenate the kitchen, don’t overlook the ceiling!

Not only can you make your best impression of the Sistine Chapel right in your own kitchen (with a gorgeously redone ceiling mural, that is) when you repaint your ceiling, you can cover any marks left behind by cooking smoke or steam. The entire room will also be brighter, allowing you to spotlight other parts of your kitchen which might be ignored, but are no less important.

Create an Art Gallery

Do you and your family love to create art? Do you all share a sincere appreciation for the famous masters of yesteryear? In that case, why not nurture the next generation of genius painters? Proudly display any artwork created by your children on the walls of the kitchen – you don’t have to confine it to the refrigerator.

Did you recently go on a much-anticipated family vacation? If you did, then consider covering one wall of your kitchen with some of your favorite pictures, whether you went to Disney World, or just to the next town over. It’ll make for a fun talking point when friends and relatives come for your next get-together.

Let There Be Light

Finally, don’t be afraid to add some light to your kitchen. When you have better sources of lighting, you’ll be able to see better when you spend time in the kitchen, even if you’re not especially fond of cooking. We know how overwhelming it can be when there are stains and debris covering your kitchen floor, and dirty dishes stacked onto the counter because they can’t fit into the sink anymore – with more light, you can see just how clean your kitchen can be once you are done with cleaning everything.

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