Summertime kitchen renovations are one of the best interior remodeling projects to schedule. Scheduling your remodel in the summer has several benefits.

Open Schedule

Summertime is a slower season for interior projects because most people are so focused on home improvement projects to the exterior of their home. Since most home renovation projects in summer focus on the exterior of your home, you’ll have a better chance of scheduling your remodel in the summer since interior remodelers aren’t typically as busy with larger remodeling jobs like a full kitchen remodel.

In the fall, children are going back to school and stores start filling up with holiday decorations. All of a sudden you’re thinking of hosting your family and friends for your annual Thanksgiving dinner and you’re now in a rush to complete your full kitchen remodel and competing with everyone else who didn’t take advantage of the ease and slower pace of the summer months.

It’s BBQ Season

Summer days are filled with the smell of backyard BBQ’s. It makes sense to take advantage of the warm weather season when you’re already using the grill and the deck as your kitchen space. The deck and your grill is already your summer kitchen so there’s very little inconvenience to your daily life. The interior is getting the full kitchen remodel it needs and you’re still able to have a good time hosting friends for summertime BBQ’s.

Enjoy a Summer Staycation

Schedule a local vacation getaway without missing a beat. You can still enjoy your summer break while being accessible should you need to be on site to meet us or just to stay nearby for your own peace of mind.

Full kitchen remodels are inconvenient because it’s a room you use daily. Schedule your free consultation with Kitchen and Bath Depot today to discuss your kitchen design and take advantage of a full kitchen renovation or discuss whole home remodeling ideas for summer!


More Kitchen Ideas for Your Full Kitchen Remodel!

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