A home addition can afford you more living space.

A home addition can afford you more living space.

New year, new home, right? When your house feels undersized and lacking in vital amenities, you could choose to sell it and trade up to something larger. However, it often costs more both financially and mentally to move than it does to improve. If you’re already happy with where you live but want to improve how you live, consider adding on to your existing home. And as with any remodeling project, you’ll want to start planning early. Here are a few basic tips to help you prioritize for your next home addition.

Identify Your Objective

The first thing you should do when planning a home addition is ask yourself what problems you’re looking to solve. Obviously, you need more living space, but are you looking for more storage capacity? Do you need better indoor-outdoor access or more space to entertain guests? Knowing exactly what your wants and needs are ahead of time will make it easier to convey your ideas to a prospective designer.

Do Your Research

If you’re serious about a home addition you’ll need to gather a few legal documents before you can really plan anything. You will want to find an accurate plot plan of your property and determine the proximity of the existing and proposed buildings to those lines. This is important because your new addition cannot be built outside the jurisdictional setbacks defined by local zoning laws. Typically, plot plans and surveys are usually available through your local Registry of Deeds.

Determine Your Budget

It’s worth setting a budget that you know you’re comfortable with before meeting with a builder. Consider the hard cost of the project along with a decent contingency number, increases to property taxes, utility expenses and even insurance. Sticking to your budget will make the process less stressful and easier to plan.

Hire a Design Professional

All of us want to personalize our homes and create a design that speaks to our own personalities, but hiring a professional designer will make planning for a  home addition much simpler. Professional designers have had to tackle a great deal of home remodeling problems, so it’s worth having their expertise to guide you through the process. A professional designer is oftentimes a more cost effective investment than you might initially expect.

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