Creating More Counter Space When You Have a Small Kitchen

When your kitchen is too small, Kitchen and Bath Depot has plenty of small kitchen design ideas for you to consider!

When your kitchen is too small, it gets frustrating. You complain about the lack of counter space and wish you could afford to do something about it. A small kitchen remodel helps create the space you need along with keeping your kitchen’s design modern and refreshing. Kitchen and Bath Depot is also here to provide you with plenty of ideas for your full kitchen remodel to maximize the space you have! Here are some ingenious ways to create more usable space in your cramped kitchen.

Use the Windowsill

One inventive way to get more out of your small kitchen is to use the windowsill. Depending on the size of it, there might not be much you can store on it. Even so, something is better than nothing. Watch out for the pet factor: if you have a nimble and mischievous cat or a curious pup, they might try to knock your items off. They might be especially prone to doing this if the window is within their normal reach and they enjoy staring through it at the wonders of the outside world. Put your treasured cookbook on display or make a small tea nook with your electric kettle and teapot out of the way when you’re not actively using them.

Maximize Your Cabinet Capacity

As always, your cabinets are a critical part of increasing your storage capacity. Make the most of them if you haven’t already. Take the items you don’t use as often and put them in the cabinets that might typically be out of reach. By doing this, you can discourage yourself from cluttering the lower shelves, leaving plenty of space to store cooking utensils and other implements that you will need on a regular basis and not just for special occasions.

Create More Storage

Racks and baskets can make quick and easy ways to increase your available counter space. In the kitchen, every inch counts. You can search through your favorite discount department stores or a certain Swedish superstore that offers an enormous range of housewares.

Use Pegboards and Wall Shelves

Pegboards and wall shelves have a purpose, too. You can hang ladles, spatulas, and aprons, and also organize your spice rack so you don’t have to spin endlessly looking for the garlic when all you can find is ginger. Look at all of it at once!

Aside from Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas, We Offer the Best Upgrades and Solution for Your Next Remodel!

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