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Is your dining room going unused most of the year?

When was the last time you actually dined in the dining room? For many homeowners, the dining room is a place that gets used maybe once or twice a year at best. It’s no surprise, given that most meals today are eaten either with entertainment in mind or while we’re on the go between activities like work, school, sports etc. If your dining room is just collecting dust most of the year, you may want to consider transforming that space into something more practical. Here are a few remodeling ideas for your unused dining room.

A Library or Quiet Room

Do you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that your dining room currently possesses? You can keep the quiet and still make better use of the space by transforming the dining room into a library. Add some comfy, oversized chairs to make this area perfect for rest and relaxation. You can even keep the central table so that it can be used for dining during the few times of the year when you need it.

A Personal Office

An unused dining room could provide just the space you need for that office you’ve always wanted. The big advantage here is that most dining rooms have at least one large window, so you will be able to get some natural light into your office instead of being cooped-up in the basement. If you telecommute, or regularly work from home, an updated dining room might be a more comfortable place to get work done.

A Walk-In Pantry

If you’re not using your dining room, one way to get more out of that space is to transform part of it into a walk-in pantry for your kitchen. A walk-in pantry gives you additional storage capacity so that you can take fewer trips to the grocery store. It also makes it easier to organize and find the cooking materials you need. If you’re a cooking fanatic, turning your unused dining room into a walk-in pantry could be incredibly handy.

A Hobby or Play Room

If  you have children who are constantly running all over the place, giving them their own place to play can go a long toward soothing your sanity. A playroom with cubbies, activity stations, and a kid friendly entertainment center will help make your kids less restless. Plus, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on them.

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