small kitchen design ideas

Make the most of your space with these small kitchen design ideas!

When you have a small kitchen, it’s easy for your space to get cramped far too quickly. The solution is simple: open it up instead. In this week’s blog, we will guide you through the process of how to open up a small home kitchen. Keep reading to find out some helpful small kitchen design ideas and useful tricks for your next kitchen remodeling project! 

A Small Kitchen Doesn’t Need to Cramp Your Style!

Make Your New Kitchen Feel More Spacious: Does your kitchen need a relationship upgrade with its surroundings? Does it need to patch things up with any nearby outdoor areas of your home? Well worry no more! Open up the walls connecting the kitchen to the dining room, the living room, or a breakfast nook. You can have the feeling of more space without actually having more space, metaphysically speaking. If other options aren’t possible, consider creating a pass-through instead.

Get Rid of Walls and Relieve Sightlines: What are some other factors that can squeeze a small kitchen? Having too many doors, disorganized stove or range-top area, and pantries that are too deep for easy use. But the biggest problem is too many walls and blocked sightlines. Windows and open archways can help out tremendously for this aspect of opening up a small kitchen.

Mind the Transition Gap: Think about how you want the transition to feel. How the transition from the kitchen to other parts of the home feels is the next crucial step in the process. What is the purpose of the connecting rooms? Think of distinctive overhead features such as arches.

Keep Foot Traffic Clear: While the new kitchen is being remodeling or otherwise redone, it is important to keep foot traffic clear. People coming in and out can interfere with the progress of the project. Workspaces are critical to kitchens, so in your new design, try to guide passerby away from counters and other needed surfaces.

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