Kitchen Themes for a Kitchen Facelift

kitchen themes

Kitchen themes are important parts of a renovation to consider.

Kitchen themes are important parts of a renovation to consider. This part is especially important when you want to give your kitchen a facelift. So what are some delightful themes to use? In this blog, we’ll chew over some new kitchen themes to give your kitchen a boost.

Traditional Kitchen Themes

The traditional kitchen theme is most likely the most popular option of all the kitchen themes. It is characterized by a classic look. In this classic look, cabinet doors feature raised panels, oiled-bronze hardware, and molding with some embellished flair. There is an overall emphasis on medium to dark toned wood. Speaking of wood, floors are typically made of hardwood or tile. Common light fixtures include chandeliers, but these chandeliers incorporate shaded bulbs.

Modern Kitchen Themes

Modern kitchen themes are also known as contemporary themes. They complement stainless-steel features very well. Whether those features are fixtures or appliances, everything will match in a fascinating, eye-pleasing way. Hallmarks of this theme include sleek, flat cabinet doors, square-edged counter-tops, either plain window treatments or none at all, and architectural light fixtures. These light fixtures are built in and recessed. Common wood tones of this style are a range of very dark to very light.

Cottage Kitchen Themes

Cottage kitchen themes are cozy and inviting. How do you achieve this? Use a variety of humbler materials. Consider painted or weathered-looking wood cabinets and beaded-board panels. These panels are for features such as walls, backsplash and ceiling. Add wicker bar stools to a butcher-block countertop. Color schemes of cottage kitchen themes generally reflect a natural aesthetic: yellow for the sun, dark blue for water, or sea green.


Transitional or Trendy Kitchen Themes

Transitional or trendy kitchen themes provides a comfortable middle ground between the other styles. This style isn’t too overblown or too boring. Combining elements of the other styles creates a transitional look. These looks are easy to modify to keep up with the latest trends, thus lending them their other name.

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