Kitchen Remodel Preparation Tips

Creating a new kitchen? Here are our top three kitchen remodel preparation tips to make the process smooth and enjoyable for all parties!

A kitchen remodel represents an incredibly exciting opportunity to amplify everything you already love about your kitchen as well as get rid of the things you don’t enjoy as much. If you are planning a kitchen remodel in your home, here are our top three kitchen remodel preparation tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth process!

Packing Up Your Dishes

  • The best place to store dishes during your kitchen remodel is your guest bedroom, a basement, or an attic.
  • If possible, choose a space to store your dishes where you can place them without needing to pack them all up. Just place them on the floor or a bed.
  • Pack dishes that you use the least first so that the more frequently-used dishes will be easier to grab.
  • Make sure all dishes are moved out the night before your remodeling project starts.

Protecting Your Flooring

  • If your kitchen flooring was done before the kitchen remodeling began or you won’t be changing it up, you need to take great care to protect it during the remodel. Purchase carpet scraps from a store and place them on the hardwood or tile floor. Use duct tape to secure them so that they won’t slide around.
  • Add a carpet pad beneath that carpet, particularly if your kitchen remodeling project will take a long time.
  • Keep in mind that your kitchen flooring doesn’t need to look nice during the remodel! The carpet you use should be purely functional, not necessarily aesthetically pleasing.

Parking Space

  • Many homeowners forget to take care of a safe place for their contractor to park. Is there anything outside of your home that could prevent them from parking easily and safely?
  • Ask your contractor in advance what type of space they will need to park. Will they be walking to and from their work vehicle throughout the day or is parking a reasonable distance away sufficient?

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