refrigerator cleaning tips

Refresh your kitchen with these refrigerator cleaning tips!

As important as it is, it’s easy to overlook your refrigerator. You might not even realize how significant your refrigerator is until the power goes out and then you’ve got to eat everything in it or clean it out before anything spoils. But don’t leave leftover takeout and cold cuts past their prime in your fridge. Here are some refrigerator cleaning tips on how to refresh your appliance.

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips:

1. Scrub It Down

Before you can begin organizing your fridge, you’ll want to make sure it’s as clean as possible. Scrub down the inside and the outside. No matter what’s been lingering in your fridge, take everything out. Then, designate an area of your kitchen counter or table to sort your items. One section of the counter should be for what you want to keep. The other section should be for what you want to discard. The discard pile could be filled with items that have gone moldy, or you just don’t want them anymore.

Next, detach the shelving from inside your icebox and clean all of the interior surfaces using a rag and some disinfectant spray. When everything is clean, you can replace the shelving.

2. Have a System

Having a system in place will be a huge help when you organize your refrigerator. The coldest spots inside your fridge are the best places to put dairy items such as milk, yogurt, sour cream. If you’ve been chilling raw meat in preparation for dinner tomorrow night, you should also keep it on the bottom shelf. Cold cuts should go in the deli drawer, but the crisper drawer is the best place for fruit. Vegetables should have a dedicated section, too. Put eggs in the middle, and butter, soft cheese, and other condiments in the door.

3. Use Organization Tools

Have you been using baskets, labels, magnets, and markers? These tools can help you separate and contain items that go into your refrigerator. For example, use the markers to label the baskets. Set examples for the rest of your family to follow your newly-designed system by sticking spare labels on the fridge with the magnet next to the marker.

4. Empty It Out

For best results, take five or ten minutes every week to clean out your fridge and reduce the amount of work for yourself keeping it clean.

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