bathroom lights

Incorporate some fun bathroom lights into your remodel to bring your space to life!

Is it time to remodel your bathroom? Between choosing the right tile, countertops, and backsplashes, don’t forget about the key feature that brings your space to life – the lights! Bathroom lights often get overlooked despite the key role it plays in the overall comfort level of your space. 


Let There Be Light! 4 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Bring Your Space to Life:

Make your lights work harder: Wall sconces make a world of difference. They bring extra light to any vanity stand and faucet. Your existing bathroom lights could be made to work harder and smarter all at the same time. Having your lighting mounted this way make it much easier to see for grooming tasks such as shaving.

Consider ceiling-mounted fixtures: Do you have a walk-in shower? Is it hard to see while inside it? Well, not anymore. Ceiling-mounted fixtures are designed to be waterproof and can be implemented easily in any shower fixture. Ceiling-mounted fixtures also offer softer directional lighting so you won’t have to rely on lights that are smaller or further away in the bathroom. Plus, the sleek look of ceiling-mounted fixtures won’t clash with the look of the walk-in shower itself.

Install some decorative features: Why not go with a themed-look for your bathroom? Other rooms around the house, such as the kitchen or the home office, can be themed. So why not the bathroom too? Perhaps you could use a pagoda as the centerpiece of your new bathroom. Overhead bathroom lights can provide general or ambient lighting. Just be sure that whatever fixture you choose, leave it at least 7 feet up so you’ve got headroom to spare.

Utilize more natural light: Lend your bathroom more light by using large windows. Allowing in and utilizing more natural light can reduce your overall electricity bill. You’ll feel better standing in more sunshine, too. Combine a dimmer switch with any light fixtures you may have and you’ve instantly got a trendier space and mood-setter.   


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