Four Popular Types of Kitchen Flooring

four popular types of kitchen flooring

What are some popular types of kitchen flooring?

Your kitchen can be a beautiful and attractive part of your home. While many options are available to you during a prospective kitchen remodel, don’t forget about the floors. In this blog we’ll go over four popular types of kitchen flooring. These materials are probably well known to you, even if you don’t know their names right away. They are porcelain, hardwood, Travertine, and DuraCeramic.


Porcelain Types of Kitchen Flooring

Porcelain tile is a very common choice for kitchen flooring. It is highly resistant to both moisture and stains, one of its calling cards. Porcelain is also popular because of how well it blends in with the aesthetic of a kitchen. Many modern kitchens follow the trend of wooden cabinetry in multiple shades. Whatever the shade of your wooden cabinets, porcelain should pair with it well. Porcelain gives a classic touch while adding a unique look to almost any kitchen.

Hardwood Types of Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood can last for decades. Hardwood will also lend a bold feel to your kitchen floor. Durable and timeless, hardwood comes in many colors. Just as hardwood is a dependable option for flooring in your living room, consider it in the kitchen or elsewhere in your home. Hardwood blends well with any other feature of your kitchen. And most of all, it’ll provide a classy touch to your home for years, so there are no worries there!

Travertine Types of Kitchen Flooring

What’s Travertine, you may ask? Travertine is a kind of limestone. It has been crystallized and partially transformed. This crystallization and transformation process gives it the look of marble. A good pick for both modern and retro kitchens, this stone holds its dignity as stone’s reputation endures. After all, stone can look both sleek and rough.


DuraCeramic Types of Kitchen Flooring

Despite the name, DuraCeramic is different from normal ceramic. DuraCeramic is a product we carry regularly. Inspired by the aesthetics of nature itself, it can be redesigned for your lifestyle. Eye-catchingly realistic and definitely practical, it comes with all the benefits of modern flooring technology and innovation. Two size formats are available: Origins, which is 16”x16” and Dimensions, which is 12”x24”

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