kitchen flooring

Wood is a stylish and charming option for kitchen flooring.

Besides being durable and practical, flooring is also one of the most important design features in your kitchen. Choosing the right flooring material will determine how color and texture plays a role in your kitchen layout. You’ll also want to choose something that can will hold up under heavy traffic. Here are some of the most popular floors materials and their advantages to think about before starting your full kitchen remodel.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile provides a quintessential kitchen flooring surface. It can stand up to wear and tear like a champ, comes in a variety of low-priced options, and features a virtually limitless choice of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns. Ceramic tile can be cold underfoot, and moisture will make it slippery.

Natural Stone

Stone has unmatched elegance and gravitas, and makes for a very upscale feeling kitchen. Like tile floors, stone is a boon in hotter climates due to its cool touch. Stone is incredibly durable and requires relatively little maintenance. That said, stone is typically more expensive and will require professional installation.

Solid Wood

Nature is one of the best artisans, and wood offers kitchens with a great deal of warmth and charm. If it’s properly treated and cared for, wood can last indefinitely. Wood never really goes out of style, and it can be sanded or refinished for a more modern look. However, liquids will cause damage if they’re not cleaned up immediately. Wood will also require periodic refinishing to remove dents and scratches.


Vinyl has traditionally been considered the budget option, and not particularly stylish. These days vinyl floors actually feature a wide range of sophisticated designs and finishes. Vinyl is not only incredibly affordable, but also very easy to clean and maintain if a spot gets damaged. The drawback is that vinyl can fade or dull in strong sunlight, leaving it with shorter lifespan than other materials.


Made from linseed oil, resins, and wood flour, linoleum remains the ecofriendly choice for kitchen flooring. Linoleum is incredibly versatile and can come in just about any color or pattern you can imagine. It’s also affordable and easy to maintain. Linoleum may fade with time and use, so many manufacturers will add a protective coating before it is sold.

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