How to Create More Storage in Your Small Kitchen

When you’ve got a small kitchen, every surface counts.

When you’ve got a small kitchen, every surface counts. One way to create more storage is to downsize – put what you don’t need to use as often away, but not in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve got an extra closet in your living room, or in your garage, laundry room, or basement. Here are some other ideas to cut down on clutter and increase the storage potential of your tiny kitchen.

Use Your Cabinets

The cabinets in your small kitchen probably look beautiful. But even when you have eye-catching knobs and pulls, you know that’s not all that your cabinets are good for – try using pull-out drawers in your cabinets. Each one can be organized to hold a different type of item: small gadgets and sharp knives in one, dishrags and potholders in another. You could also use a cabinet in the corner of your kitchen that you otherwise can’t for use for; this is a change that might not immediately occur to you. Keeping your kitchen cabinets is essential, too. Putting everything back in its right place will decrease your frustration potential when you are already flustered while cooking.

Use Your Shelves

Larger kitchens can accommodate more shelves. That said, even a small kitchen can be full of shelves if appropriately managed.  Keep open shelves to make harder-to-reach, lesser-used items easier to retrieve when you do need them. If you have a bulkhead in your kitchen, you can use it to divide your kitchen into sections. Doing this expands your storage potential, and can help you stay more organized, especially if you need to keep your food preparation workspaces separate from a place to keep cookbooks and another to sort through mail, pay the bills, and help your kids with homework.

Use Your Upgrades

Upgrading your small kitchen with a full kitchen remodel also helps; although kitchen islands are immensely versatile, you might not have enough room to support one that is stationary. One solution to work around this is to use a cart that will function as an island that you can move into position when you need it, and then roll it away when you don’t. Also, since the kitchen is the hub of your home, you won’t always need it for preparing meals or reading cookbooks. As we mentioned above, one workspace can fulfill multiple functions.

More Kitchen Ideas for Your Full Kitchen Remodel!

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