Basement Design Ideas

Considering a remodel for the new year? Check out these basement design ideas to expand your home!

In less than two weeks, New Year’s Eve will be here. Do you use your basement as a space for entertaining large amounts of guests? Whether you have rousing marathon nights for board games, tile games, or card games, or just decide to have a night full of loud music and karaoke singing, your basement can make a huge difference. Here are some basement design ideas to help motivate you to expand your home today!

Affordable Way to Expand Your Home

Any other home addition might be a more expensive venture. However, you will find that basement remodeling is quite affordable by comparison. Once such a process is complete, your home will have much more room for you to live in without the need to update your home’s existing structure. But since it’s winter, you should make basement and foundation waterproofing a priority. This way, melting snow and runoff water can’t flood your newly-renovated basement.

Without the specter of flooding to worry about, you can throw yourself into planning out what your new basement will look like, and if you don’t already have a basement, you will find that remodeling a basement takes less time than building an entirely new one.

More Room to Entertain

As we alluded to above, you’ll have more room to entertain in a remodeled basement. Do you want a second family room area in your home to curl up and catch up on your favorite shows? What about having a home gym or a bar area? Maybe a workshop or practice area to jam on a guitar? It’s all up to you.

Make Your Home More Valuable

Did you know that basement remodeling can also make your home more valuable? That said, you won’t get a total return on investment, so don’t expect one. With that being the case, you shouldn’t be discouraged. If you are preparing to move once the holidays are over, you could convince a potential buyer to choose your home because of all the extra space you can provide them. After all, no one wants to see a house fall into neglect and disrepair. A well-cared-for home is one that is far more likely to fetch a higher resale price.

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