open floor plan kitchen

An open floor plan kitchen will let you entertain guests while you cook.

It used to be that homes were built with compartmentalized rooms designed specifically for very specific functions. Modern homes, however, are increasingly using open concept floor plans that create a shared space between rooms. And although an open floor design may not be ideal for every space in your house, open floor plans are especially advantageous for kitchens. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider completing a full kitchen remodel with an open floor plan.

Make Your Kitchen a Focal Point

Contemporary kitchens are the central part of the home. They’re no longer just utilitarian, but provide yet another entertaining and social space for family and friends. Whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday or just a lazy Saturday, an open floor plan makes your kitchen the ‘go-to’ spot for people to gather instead of overcrowding your living room. Furthermore, with an open floor plan you’ll no longer have to lock yourself away from guests while you’re trying to cook. And if you have kids, you can keep an eye on them from the kitchen while you cook and perform other household duties.

Maximize Access to Natural Light

Open floor plans provide ample space for natural light to flow through your kitchen. Dining and living rooms usually have the largest windows, so tearing down walls to let some of that light enter into your kitchen will make for a more luminous space. If you’re using glass-front cabinetry, natural light will bring them to life and make your space feel more accessible.

Feel Like You Have a Bigger Home

With an open floor plan kitchen you’ll get more out of every square foot of your space. Open kitchens aren’t just visually appealing, they give the impression of having more space than you actually do. That means you’ll have more options when it comes to designing your space. Many kitchens are also right in the middle of the home’s primary flow of traffic, so an open floor plan lets passersby through more easily and gives your home more room to “breathe”.

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