5 Key Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Why should you choose quartz countertops?

When remodeling your kitchen, one of the biggest considerations is what will become of your new countertop. While you have many surfaces to choose from, you should choose quartz. What advantages can quartz provide you with? Here are the major benefits of quartz countertops: resistance to scratching, resistance to staining, resistance to bacteria infiltration, colorful aesthetics, and ease of installation.

Top Five Reasons To Choose Quartz Countertops:

1. Resistance to Scratching

When it counts to countertops, quartz provides one of the toughest possible surfaces. Quartz is engineered and created from the combination of several component substances. Quartz is ground up and then mixed with resin and pigmentation for color. The final result is a surface that does not scratch. It is also stronger than granite while also being heavier. This enhanced durability means the surface will last for many years – presumably until your next kitchen remodel. When it comes time to clean it, cleaning quartz is much easier, and taking good care of it is simple as well. But cleaning and taking good care of it raise another point – its resistance to staining.

2. Resistance to Staining

Like scratches, stains are another problem countertops will frequently face. Luckily, quartz does not have any pores for liquids to leak through. Even after preparing a meal, cleaning off quartz countertops is easy to do. Quartz countertops will keep their good looks and can help your kitchen stand out as fantastically valuable. Granite and marble, two other countertop surfaces, need constant resealing in order to protect their surfaces.

3. Resistance to Bacteria Infiltration

Much like scratches and stains, a third problem countertops encounter is the presence of bacteria. Bacteria can be present in all sorts of food and liquids found in the kitchen. This bacteria cannot leak into the surface, creating a much more sanitary environment. Just be sure to use hot water or regular cleaning products to clean off the surface when you’re done. You want to be sure that you’re keeping your family as healthy as possible. Quartz countertops can go a long towards making that happen.

4. Colorful Aesthetics

The range of color choices is another reason to consider getting quartz countertops. Part of a remodeling project’s objective is to make the kitchen look fresh. New colors can help achieve that objective. Whichever color you choose, you can expect that same color to be present throughout the entire block of quartz. Natural stone may be unpredictable in the distribution of variations in the color and in the pattern. How you want your new countertop to look is entirely up to you.

5. Ease of Installation

According to the professionals that make and install these countertops, quartz is much easier to create. Building a quartz countertop and getting it installed takes much less time than a granite one. No matter what material a countertop is made from, it will have seams. These seams can be disguised more easily on a quartz countertop than a granite one. Even when done flawlessly, the seams can still be easier to spot on a granite countertop. Quartz does a better job of hiding these flaws.

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