surviving kitchen remodel

Planning simple meals while your kitchen is out of commission will help you survive a kitchen remodel.

So you’ve finally gotten through the planning phase of your kitchen remodeling project and construction is ready to begin. Congratulations! Now you have to figure out how to make do without a fully functional kitchen. While there’s no escaping this inconvenience, there are a few things you can do to make life easier. Here are a few tips for surviving your kitchen remodel.

1. Create a Stand-In Kitchen

Eating out every day can be a real strain on your budget. Plus, it’s handy to have a place where you can still make school lunches, create a makeshift breakfast, and brew up some coffee. Before you begin your kitchen remodel, it’s a good idea to plan for an area where you can set up a temporary kitchen that’s out of the way of construction. Basements and garages are good places to outfit a few portable tables and appliances.

2. Stock Up

Seeing as you may not have much access to your sink, you can make life much easier by stocking up on recyclable plates, napkins, cups and utensils. In addition to cutting down on stress, this will help you streamline your cleanup process. It’s also a good idea to stock up on nonperishable snack items. If you can’t whip up a full meal and don’t want to go out, snacks can save your stomach.

3. Plan Simple Meals

No matter how much you love to cook, a kitchen remodel is going to disrupt your eating routine. The best way to overcome this is to keep things simple and pare down to the tools you absolutely can’t live without. If you haven’t already, now is also a good time to invest in portable appliances such as mini fridges, toaster ovens, microwaves and grills.

4. Take a Mini Vacation

A kitchen remodel is a good excuse to take a mini vacation. As long as you’re still keeping in touch with your contractor, getting out of the house may do you some good. This is also the perfect time to visit relatives, especially given that the holiday season is in full gear. You may even be able to score a home-cooked meal or two.

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