4 Things to Remember During the Kitchen Remodeling process

The kitchen remodeling process might take longer than you expect, so once you start a kitchen remodel, keep these four things in mind.

The heart of your home, and everyone’s favorite hang-out space, is in need of a serious refresh. Oh, no, it’s time for a full kitchen remodel! However will your family cope? First things first, knowledge about how the full kitchen remodel process works is key to reducing potential stress that you and your family might have. The experts at Kitchen and Bath Depot want to make the remodeling process as easy and stress-free as possible so we’ve created a list of 4 critical things to know before you get started.

1. A Fantastic New Kitchen Will Take Time

Perfection takes time and your perfect new kitchen will probably take around 3-5 months to complete. This is particularly true if you’re making major changes to the layout or installing appliances that will require plumbing and electrical modifications.

Once you’re in the thick of it, the full kitchen remodel of your dreams might just seem imaginary. But the important part is to resist the urge to rush completion of the process. If there is a back-splash tile you absolutely adore, but it’s temporarily out of stock, wait for it! In the long run, you won’t remember that extra week or two you had to wait, but you’ll probably always regret not getting the tile you loved so much.

2. Saving Money Now May Result in Another Remodel Later

It’s important to set a realistic budget based on your hopes and dreams for your new kitchen. Choosing less expensive appliances or lower-quality finishes means they will need replacing sooner rather than later. As we indicated in the above section, if you decide on a lower quality option just to save time and money, you could be inviting future unhappiness with your results. You don’t want to do this all over again in 15 years, do you?

So, if you allow a larger budget for your kitchen remodel, you can get your money’s worth. If you’re unsure what a realistic budget would be for a full kitchen remodel, schedule a free consultation with one of our kitchen renovation design contractors today and they’ll help you create a realistic budget.

3. Cooking and Remodeling Your Kitchen Don’t Go Together Very Well

Your kitchen will probably be inoperable for at least a week or two. It’s always best to plan ahead for that inevitability. To help you cope with the lack of a functioning kitchen, we recommend staying with family or friends temporarily, eating out at restaurants, staying in a hotel or renting a house for a week or two to ensure you have a functioning kitchen, but also aren’t being overrun with the dust and noise that comes with remodeling. Our kitchen renovation design contractors will enclose the area in plastic to keep the dusty mess to a minimum and will try to keep the noise level down as much as possible. However, a full kitchen remodel has a certain level of dust and noise that is just be expected.

4. Special Occasions

You should also consider how often you’ll be throwing parties or hosting other special occasions in your upgraded kitchen. Chances are, with the warm summer months ahead, most of your large-scale events will be hosted outside, which makes now the perfect time to renovate! Keep in mind the big birthday bash or friendly neighborhood party that you’ll be hosting in the cooler months. When designing your new kitchen, you will need to consider all aspects, including the amount of space you’ll need in order to remain comfortable and maintain your ability to easily move about your kitchen. You should also take into account the amount of food you’ll be cooking, as well as, how much time you’ll be cooking to ensue you purchase the right kitchen equipment to be installed.

Talk with Your Kitchen Renovation Design Contractor

After all, these are the experts you’re trusting to create your dream kitchen. It might be your first kitchen remodel, but it definitely isn’t ours! We can give you great advice about preparing for the full kitchen remodel and what to do throughout the process. If you’re considering a remodel in the Montgomery County, Maryland or DC area, call the experts at Kitchen and Bath Depot for expert advice first. We would love to help design and create the kitchen of your dreams!

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