kid standing on a stool to reach the bathroom mirror

Use a step stool to make bathroom amenities more kid friendly.

The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in your home, and it can pose a big challenge for children who struggle to reach sinks and other bathroom amenities. While your inclination may be to remodel using kid-sized fixtures, a better strategy is to build bathrooms for adults and then implement after-market features that will help kids to use the bathroom. This will help retain a better resale value. Here are few kid friendly bathroom design tips to make yours more accessible.

Kid Proof Countertops

Granite countertops can be stained and scratched if they aren’t well sealed. The bathroom gets messy, so choose a countertop material that is going to hold up to wear and tear. Quartz is a good kid-friendly countertop option as they are stain and scratch resistant. Quartz countertops also don’t require a sealer and can mimic the look of granite.

Versatile Shower Fixtures

It’s a good idea to install a bath/shower enclosure with a shower bar that features an adjustable showerhead or handshower. That way, the showerhead can be repositioned to suit the needs of children, teens or guests. A handheld sprayer can also come in handy when cleaning the tub in addition to bathing your toddlers. It may be worth investing in anti-scald devices for your faucets and showerheads. These devices control the water temperature and can help prevent children from burning themselves.

Features for the Future

Kids do get older and taller, which means that eventually you’re going to need a bathroom that can accommodate their growth. Build a taller vanity with an ADA height compliant toilet. To help make the bathroom more accessible, make sure your bathroom includes a step stool that can be tucked away when not in use. That said, it may be worthwhile to install soft-closing toilet seats.

Personality and Accessories

Kid friendly bathroom design is all about expressing your child’s personality in fun and creative ways. Use neutral tones for more difficult to replace fixtures such as tile and cabinetry. Then jazz up the space with a more saturated color palette for towels, accessories, and paint. And of course, make sure your kid’s bathroom has ample storage space for bath toys and personal items. If multiple children share a bathroom, you may want to designate a drawer or medicine cabinet for each one.

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