Q: Do you offer free consultationsat the beginning of the kitchen remodel process?

A: Yes, we do offer free consultations at the beginning of the full kitchen remodel process. You can either complete the contact form or call us directly to schedule your free consultation!

Full Kitchen Remodel FAQ's - Kitchen & Bath Depot

Q: How long does the typical kitchen renovation project take?

A: The time it takes to complete a kitchen renovation project depends heavily on the size of your current kitchen, what your goals are for your renovation project, your timeframe, the kitchen products you purchase, etc. To get a better idea of how long your kitchen renovation should take, please reach out to our kitchen remodel and design experts who will be more than happy to discuss your project timeline.

Q: Will the designer change the layout of my current kitchen or do I have to keep the current layout?

A: The kitchen design and remodel experts at Kitchen and Bath Depot will work closely with you to determine exactly what your goals are which will determine if we can keep the current layout or if it might be more beneficial to change the layout.

Q: Do I get to see a virtual design of my kitchen renovation before the project starts?

A: Yes, you will get to see a virtual design of your kitchen renovation before the project starts. Our kitchen design and remodel experts will work with you in the design process to virtually make your new kitchen come together.

Q: What size kitchen renovation projects do you handle?

A: We handle all sizes of kitchen renovation projects. Our team of experienced professional kitchen design and renovation experts can help you through any size kitchen renovation projects.

Q: Will you help me find the products and materials I want for my kitchen renovation?

A: Yes, our kitchen design team will help you find the products and materials that you want for your complete kitchen renovation project. From countertop material and backsplash design to cabinet styles and handles, we will walk you through each aspect of the kitchen design project.

Q: Do you install kitchen appliances during the kitchen remodel?

A: Yes, we do install the kitchen appliances during the kitchen remodel. We are a full-service complete kitchen remodel company which means we will complete your kitchen remodel all the way through.

Q: What does your kitchen remodel process consist of?

A: Our kitchen remodel process consists of three separate parts:

  1. Kitchen Design & Planning Process – our team of design experts will meet with you to help bring your visions to life. Learn more about our kitchen design & planning process and reach out to our design experts today!
  2. Kitchen Products – During the design process, you’ll select the new kitchen products you would like installed during your complete kitchen remodel. Learn more about the kitchen products you should install today!
  3. Kitchen Construction Process – Once the design team has digitally completed your complete kitchen remodel and you have chosen your new kitchen products, our construction team will begin work on your complete kitchen remodel! Learn more about the kitchen construction process and contact the experts at Kitchen & Bath Depot to get started today!

Q: How much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?

A: Your kitchen remodel with vary in cost depending on a variety of aspects including the size of the kitchen remodel, the products you’ll want installed, whether it’s a full kitchen remodel or half kitchen remodel, etc. To get an estimate of how much your kitchen renovation will cost, reach out to the complete kitchen renovation experts at Kitchen & Bath Depot today!

Q: Do I need to hire additional contractors to complete my kitchen remodel?

A: No, you do not need to hire additional contractors to complete your kitchen remodel. Our kitchen remodel design and construction team is an experienced full-service kitchen remodel team meaning we’ll complete the design, construction, installation of products, and clean up at the end of the project.

Q: Do I need to come prepared with my own kitchen remodel ideas?

A: Yes, you should come prepared with your own kitchen remodel ideas. This will help our kitchen remodel design and construction team bring your vision to life easier and ensure we include everything you want and need for your newly remodeled kitchen.

Q: Why choose Kitchen & Bath Depot to complete my Maryland full kitchen remodel?

A: Kitchen & Bath Depot is the full kitchen remodel company to choose for your Maryland kitchen. For 35 years, Kitchen & Bath Depot has been the premier design and build firm in the Rockville, Maryland area. We offer exceptional kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling services throughout Maryland, including Rockville, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and Montgomery County. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority; if there’s ever a problem, we’re right here ready and able to make things right. Call today to talk with our team of experienced kitchen remodel design and construction experts!

Q: Are your services limited to kitchen remodels?

A: No, our services are not limited to kitchen remodels. We also offer bathroom renovation services and other home renovation services like basement remodels, decks, sunroom, and screen porch remodels. To learn more about our bathroom or other home renovation services, call the experts today!

Q: What if I have a small budget or only want a small remodel completed?

A: If you have a small budget or only want a small remodel completed, contact our team of remodel design experts to figure out the best course of action.

Q: Do you have any examples of your previous kitchen remodels?

A: Yes, we do have examples of our previous kitchen remodels. You can review out kitchen remodel portfolio and showcases online or visit our design studio in person to walk through our past work with a kitchen remodel design specialist.