kitchen island

A kitchen island provides additional space for storage and entertaining.

Kitchen islands are a functional and necessary addition to any kitchen space, providing extra space for meal preparation and guests to congregate. Kitchen islands were popularized in the 1970’s after food based television took off and drew a lot of attention to the appeal of this kitchen feature. Investing in a kitchen island can help you transform your kitchen into a social hub for your whole home, and at the very least will add some much needed counter and storage space where you need it most: the cooking area!

Solve Storage Woes

If you’re having storage problems in your kitchen, a kitchen island might be the solution. Kitchen islands give you another place for drawers, pull out shelves, cabinets, and other options for kitchen extensibility. You can also store items for convenient access beneath a kitchen island, like a recycling or trash bin. Amenities like sinks, refrigerator drawers, stoves, and grills can also be added to make your kitchen island the go to spot for cooking and entertaining.

An Addition Seating/Dining Area

Many homeowners use kitchen islands as an additional seating and informal dining area. Real estate in the kitchen is a precious commodity, which is why a kitchen island can help you do more with less. They make an excellent dining and homework space for kids, and can help you squeeze more people in when you’re trying to host a large number of guests.

The Kitchen Focal Point

In addition to being practical, a kitchen island can add a lot of aesthetic style and beauty to your kitchen. Homeowners can customize their island with a variety of materials and countertops to make it a focus rather than boring walls and cabinetry. Buyers want a kitchen island in their homes these days. You can expect to see a return of investment of up to 60 percent when you add an island as part of your kitchen remodeling.

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