Halloween Kitchen Decorations - Ideas for Your Kitchen

It’s almost time for Halloween! Try these Halloween kitchen decorations in your home this year!

It’s almost time for Halloween! The spooky holiday that’s a favorite of many kids and adults alike is next week, which should give you enough time to finish decorating. If you’re at a loss for ideas or you feel like your kitchen is missing that something extra, then you should give these Halloween kitchen decorations a try!

Halloween Kitchen Decorations To Try This Year:

Halloween-Themed Hutch

Ordinarily, the hutch in your kitchen would be a useful storage space for extra dishes, plates, and so on. Maybe your kitchen is too small to fit the cabinet in it? Either way, you can still experiment with some Halloween-themed flourishes, such as plates with jack-o-lanterns on them, sugar bowls shaped like skulls, or hanging up some spider webs and cobwebs on the edges. You can’t go wrong, just play up the theme as much as you like!

Spiders and Witches

Don’t leave your kitchen appliances or even the ceiling out of the fun! You can stick some spider magnets to your refrigerator or oven. You could also put fake bugs in your dishwasher, almost as if they’re coming to feast on the extra goodies left over before you can clean off your plates and cutlery. Your kitchen is a place of everyday magic, even if that magic runs on the science of cooking. Why not hang some witches hats from the ceiling? All you need to pull off this treat of a trick is to use tacks and fishing line, which are easy to hide and make the hats float.

Life-Size Skeletons

You may have seen your neighbors line up skeletons on their porches or dress them up in cloaks to make them even more ghoulish. But did you know you can also set these skeletons up in the kitchen? Have them wash some dishes, cook a creepy meal on the stove, or sweep up bone dust and black cat hairs left all over the floor.

Not Your Average Pumpkins

Everyone knows the classic jack-o-lantern with some style of carved face. Set them out on the porch to set the mood for this fun and spooky night, but a day or two later, you might notice your pumpkin starting to rot. But there are ways to make your pumpkins stand out. Cover them with shiny paint or dress your pumpkins up with ribbons and glitter. Either way, you can display them on the top shelf of your fridge, or make them a fun talking point around the dinner table.

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