kitchen backsplash ideas

When remodeling your home, consider a kitchen backsplash to add a refreshing touch to your space!

A kitchen backsplash not only adds a refreshing touch to your space but also acts as a focal point to bring the whole room together. Give your kitchen a boost by adding some of these details when you are planning your full kitchen remodel. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at why you should include these elements in your new kitchen. 

Stun Your Visitors with A Sparkling Kitchen Backsplash!

Your home reflects your personality, so make sure to stun your visitors when they enter your remodeled kitchen. From glass backsplashes to mosaic designs, your kitchen backsplash will become the focal point of your space. In older homes, the accepted style was to use granite or tile for the walls of the kitchen but having a colorful backsplash

Although the aesthetics of this look were decent, the same aesthetics also required much upkeep. For homeowners seeking a sleeker, more modern look, glass is the way to go. Besides, glass also imbues the kitchen with more light, contributing even more of a lighter, airier feel to your home as a whole.

What Else Can A Backsplash Do For You?

Glass backsplashes cover an area in your kitchen from the top of the stove or the work surface up to where it meets the ceiling. Feel free to use this space as your own personal canvas! A wide variety of colors and lights can accentuate this part of the kitchen. With an enhanced look and feel, everyday cooking will feel like a special occasion. If you’ve got a particular design in mind already, then matching colors should be a breeze.

Because they have no pores, glass backsplashes are easy to clean. By contrast, tile and granite might absorb stains if cleaning is left unattended for too long. Also, glass backsplashes are heat resistant, so there are no worries there either. Durability and rigidity are also two more benefits of glass backsplashes; unlike other surfaces, these backsplashes are fabricated from a type of glass known as diamante.

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